Special program offers cash incentives for energy savings


 Q: What’s better than saving energy, which saves money in the long run?

A: Getting cash incentives for energy-saving repairs in the short run! To help customers repair failed steam traps that waste energy — and money — Detroit Thermal has leveraged its relationship with DTE Energy so that Detroit Thermal customers may take advantage of the “Your Energy Savings Program.” The program is aimed at lowering customer bills, reducing the demand for energy and helping to protect the environment. Under the guidelines of this special incentive program, financial assistance is available to help with the replacement of traps that have failed in the open position and are leaking steam. “Failed steam traps waste a lot of energy,” said Scott Barr, Detroit Thermal director of business development. “When a trap ‘fails open,’ steam passes through and escapes with the condensate instead of providing heat to the building.” For detailed information about the incentive program please call Ann Stavale, energy efficiency advisor at the Your Energy Savings Program office, at (313) 664-1900, extension 70505. “Program funds are limited, so we encourage our customers to call early in the year,” Barr said. “They can get their questions answered and submit a reservation application to reserve funds for their project.”

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For a free, no-obligation economic analysis of using Detroit Thermal in your planned or existing facility, please contact Rick Pucak, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Technical Service, at email rpucak@detroitrenewable.com.

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